Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Office Organization Tools

Kvissle-desk-organizer__0161877_pe302260_s4_rect540Do you like to keep an organized off and work area?  These tools are designed to help you maximize your space, and it will help you keep everything in the proper place.   Keep reading and check out apartment therapy for more organization tips.

The perfectly coiffed office doesn't have to cost a fortune. Some of the best storage solutions — the ones that keep office clutter sorted, numbered and at-arms-reach — are right under your nose (or a short drive away). Here are our favorite finds from popular retail chains across the country.

It holds your pens, rulers, cell phone, binder clips, mail, and anything else you can find space for on your desktop. Here's your one-stop command station.
KVISSLE desk organizer, $5.99, IKEA

Organize magazines, books, user manuals, warranty info, or any other pamphlets or paperwork into these holders. They're so inexpensive you can afford to fill up your shelves with dozens of them.
FLYT magazine rack, $1.99/5-pack, IKEA

Multiples Pencil Holder
Don't let the name mislead you. This colorful desktop piece can corral more than pencils. Stash other tools and trinkets in here, or roll up paperwork that you need at an arm's reach. And you can always leave a tube or two open for a fresh bloom. Organization can be pretty, too.
Multiples Pencil Holder, $48, Anthropologie

Mount this on the wall to catch magazines and mail as they come into your workspace. Or keep it propped against the side of your desk to keep current docs or reference materials handy. The metal surface means you can also tack up notes and memos with small magnets.
SPONTAN magazine rack, $9.99, IKEA

Box Box
Storage boxes will always rule supreme in office organiztion. And these mismatche Scandanavian paper boxes are gorgeous enough to leave out on the shelf.
Box Box Small, $56/7 boxes, Design Within Reach

If it fits, it stores. Keep paper, cords, computer peripherals, photos, printer ink, extra tape and staples—literally anything!— out of sight but top-of-mind with these easily-labeled colorful storage bins.
KASSETT box with lid, $6.99/2-pack, IKEA

Chalkboard Office Accessories
Keep paperwork, periodicals and pencils in perfect order with these conatiners. This file box, magazine holder and pencil cup are covered in a chalkboard surface, so you can label, erase, and then label again.
Chalkboard Office Accessories, $4.50-$39.95, CB2

Four deep drawers, plus an extra desktop surface area. If you need a one-stop office storage solution, this is it. The Algot system is endlessly customizable, too, if you ever want to add-on or switch pieces out.
ALGOT frame with 4 mesh baskets and top shelf, $42.99, IKEA

Bounce Doodad Cup
These cylinders with stackable red silicone bases make quick work of organizing a desktop or drawer. And glass sides mean that you can see everything inside at a glance.
Bounce Doodad Cup, $4.95, CB2

Tag Store Bins
Plastic bins? Old news, we know. But they're still one of the best tools for keeping your office—or any other space—organized. These stackable, color-coded bins from Crate & Barrel feature a small dry-erase panel on the front for easy labeling.Tag Store Bins, $6.50-$19.95, Crate & Barrel


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