Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Holiday Wreath

Do you need a great holiday gift that is from the heart?  You can make your loved ones their own personalized Christmas Wreath.  Here is a great step by step guide to creating a great homemade gift for your friends and family.

Img_6305_rect540Supplies:• An assortment of evergreen clippings (ask for scraps at a tree lot or use clippings from the bottom of your own tree)
• Staple gun
• Garden clippers
• Wire
• Round or octagonal wood frame
• Berry branches, pinecones, ribbon, ornaments or other decorations

Prep Work:

You can purchase basic round frames or build your own. To create your own, miter wood slats to form on octagon. The wood frame is relatively light, yet sturdy enough to hold staples and be reused each year. At the end of the season, simply remove the staples and save the frame for next year.

Cut evergreen branches that are 8"-18" in length. Depending on the size and fullness you're looking for, gather larger or smaller pieces.

Making Your Wreath:

Use the staple gun to attach each branch to the wood frame. For some of the thicker branches, staple from an offshoot instead of the main branch. One staple per branch is usually sufficient.

Overlap the branches as you add them and take a step back to look at your progress every few staples. The wreath will look a little wild and full at first, but that's okay, you will trim it later. As you near the starting point you'll have to slide the branches beneath those you already stapled in order to create a full circle of greenery all the way around.

Manicuring Your Wreath:

For the trimming it's best to hang your wreath first. Wrap a thick piece of wire around the frame and form a loop at the top.

Trim around the edges. Don't trim a perfect edge, but rather trim within an inch or two of the adjacent branch. You want the wreath to appear circular, yet natural. Trim the center so that you can see a hole, but not so much that you reveal the frame. Step back every so often to check your work and adjust.

Decorating Your Wreath:

Use found objects to keep costs down and create a natural looking wreath. Borrow ornaments from your tree or get creative with gift wrapping supplies.

For more information see Apartment Therapy.


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