Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Decorating for Apartments

Do you want to decorate your apartment for the holidays?  Everyone wants to be festive, but you do not want to spend a lot of money if you are leaving for the holidays.  Here are some great inexpensive tips on how to make your apartment a holiday wonderland.

  • Personalize and hang stockings for your family. – this can be a fun project and very inexpensive. Purchase plain stockings and paint, glitter, felt, etc. and create your own designs for your stockings.
  • Remember in Elementary School when you used to make paper snow flakes in art class.  Flashback to those times and make your apartment a winter wonderland with this easy art trick.
  • Hang ornaments from the stairs and or ceiling.  Just make sure you do not damage the walls or ceiling while doing this.
  • Use some ribbon and ties to put around chairs and lamps.  This adds some festive spirit to even the smallest furniture.
  • Make a giant present out of your door by using some wrapping paper and a bow.  It instantly looks festive and adds so much holiday spirit to your apartment.
  • Use holiday cards that you receive to decorate the walls in your apartment.
  • Play Christmas music on your ipod or on Pandora!


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